Tech Recruiter

Job description

This new medior role will be part of our HQ based Human Capital team to plan and realize a strong strategy in aligning all activities and processes, boosting our employer brand, increasing our end-to-end recruiting & hiring results and developing the team to new heights. With your experience, pragmatic vision and cooperative leadership style, you know the way, go the way and show the way.
We promise an exciting role for a savvy technical recruiter that’s up for a great challenge!

Job Specs

Workplace: Remote (from The Netherlands), 1 day per week from our HQ in Rotterdam
Standard language: English (excellent level) and Dutch preferably 
Hours: 40 hours, 32 is negotiable
Job level: medior, 3-5 yrs. experience
Sponsorship possibility? No
Human Capital Team: 7 team members, working remote and from our HQ
Total people base: appr. 200 co-workers worldwide, with the majority in NED
Fields of job expertise: applicant experience, software domain knowledge, scale-up, employer branding, market trends, recruitment analytics

Hot topics

A quick view on the topics you’ll be focusing on as our Tech Recruitment Partner

  • The open door: driving and realizing high impact sourcing, selecting and hiring results
  • Partnering with hiring managers and guiding interviewers in optimizing the selection results
  • Closely collaborating with the Human Capital team to optimize our recruitment processes, tools and candidate experience 

Job requirements

Why we want to have a dialogue with you

We pick character over skills. Can you convince us that you are:

  • Responsive to change. No, let’s rephrase that: you thrive on change!
  • Self-confident, reflective and persuasive in choosing direction and problem-solving; you don’t just take no for an answer
  • Creative and curious and always exploring new options; where others stop at the first roadblock, you'll find a way around
  • Ambitious in developing yourself to become an even better recruiter 

Let’s be real, character is key and sure, skills can be trained but to be successful in this role you need to bring a few essentials to kickstart the conversation:

  • Strong domain knowledge: back enders, cloud engineers, testers, it doesn’t matter where they come from, you speak their language and bring a network that shows just that.
  • Excellent communication skills; fluent in English and preferably also Dutch language
  • Proven ability to work well under pressure and deal with conflicting interests
  • Experience in working in an international, hyper-growth (pref. tech) organization

Why you want to have a dialogue with us

First of all, base salary, perks and benefits all meet or exceed general market levels. We’ll tell you all about it when we meet. We are a flexible, ambitious employer with a ‘Remote First’ principle for working that is future-proof and meets our company mission: delete unnecessary dialogues. If you want, you can meet your colleagues in our HQ in Rotterdam whenever that’s efficient for you. Deleting unnecessary dialogues also means that actions speak louder than words, so expect a hands-on-oriented group of people rolling up their sleeves.

Is chaos a bit of a guilty pleasure for you? Then be prepared for some excitement because no day is the same at Anywhere365 and changes can be right around the corner. These difficult roads will substantially add value to your development and work experience, because they often lead to beautiful destinations! But the real reason to choose us? You get the opportunity to experience what it's like to work with proud, smart, devoted and cooperative colleagues that are passionate about our dialogue products and Microsoft technology; just like you, they go the extra mile to deliver top-notch solutions. If this sounds like what you’re looking for to find in a team, then we definitely tick that box!

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Agencies, hold your horses… Do you have unicorns? Hold them as well. We are dialogue experts so we take pride in connecting with the right people at the right time ourselves. Nevertheless, we appreciate you thinking of us, so thank you for that!