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DevOps Engineer

RemoteNetherlands, Zuid-Holland, RotterdamIT & Services

Job description

First of all you will join us in our globally shared and exciting challenge to grow the value of our market leading solution even further. As our new DevOps Engineer you are able to dab around in scripting (and preferably have some knowledge of Python).

The key trick to be successful? Use the latest technology; recall the past and predict the future. Easier said than done, we know, but luckily, you’ll be part of a smart and highly driven team. You can count on their support as much as they can count on yours, because that’s how time travelers navigate the future!

Did we catch your attention? Then please see if these requirements will keep your interest:

Job requirements

We pick character over skills

Convince us that you are:

1. Proactive and detail oriented
2. Able to work within a schedule in a dynamic environment
3. Responsive to change. No, let’s rephrase that: you thrive on change!
4. Eager to learn and very pro-active in sharing knowledge to help others

5. Prepared and assist with (production) deployments

6. A true troubleshooter 

OK let’s face it, you need to have some skills to make the mission possible
How many of these boxes can you check for this job:

  • Administrate our Azure subscriptions resources
  • Monitor, update, and improve our Office and CD/CI infrastructure (including our Azure Active Directory )
  • Monitor, update and improve our SaaS platforms in Azure
  • Improve and maintain our monitoring, logging, and alerting tools
  • Make sure our SaaS platforms and Office environments adhere to security regulations
  • Create Kubernetes clusters
  • Create and improve build pipelines
  • Build new infrastructure with code (Terraform, Bash, Jenkins, Azure Devops)

If you're interested, do not let the fact that you do not fully fit every requirement discourage you from applying.

This is us:

Did we already mention that Anywhere365 is a successful, rapidly expanding international scale-up? Well, we are. And so, we have a headquarter office that will give you goose bumps. As we should. But since remote working is the current standard, and we hate cheap stuff that doesn’t go the extra mile, we provide any great hardware and software that you need to connect with customers, partners and co-workers.

Anywhere365 is highly ambitious, which reflects in our tech stack and architecture as well as our culture and people’s DNA. Together we build strong connections and achieve great results. We love to celebrate our successes and look forward to celebrate yours soon

Now, the million-dollar question:

No, you’re not going to make millions a year. Yet. But working within Anywhere365 will substantially add value to your work experience (and your chance to become a millionaire once). We do pay well. Not just your monthly wage, but also pension insurance, reimbursement of work-related costs, high end equipment and enough holidays to balance your job with your private life. Last but not least, you'll work with down-to-earth, smart, driven, engaged and ambitious co-workers that practically always go the extra mile.

So....are you ready to become our next Tech Time Traveler? We'd love to meet you soon!

Please note that we have a background check policy. The background check defers per country and position. If you would like to know more, the recruiters are happy to answer any questions!

Agencies are requested not to respond to this vacancy!