Customer Success Manager - Europe

Job description

First of all you will join us in our global and exciting journey to grow the value of our market leading solutions even further. As our new Customer Success Manager you focus on maximizing the time to value for our customers. You plan and coordinate the smooth onboarding of our products to multiple customers at the same time.

The key trick to be successful? Fix issues before they happen; recall the past and predict the future. Easier said than done, we know. But luckily, you’ll be part of a smart and highly driven team. You can count on their support as much as they can count on yours, because that’s how time travelers navigate the future!

We believe you know what it takes to be successful in a role like this, so we'll just mention key specific aspects that make working with us in this role even more exciting:

1. We are shifting gaze and are up for a great challenge to bring our customer success to the next level. You wont be walking a paved way which gives you the opportunity to leave your eternal footprint by co-creating the best approach.

2. We are passionate about Microsoft technology and deliver top notch dialogue solutions. You get the opportunity to experience what it's like to work with such devoted colleagues and they will expect the same from you!

Did we catch your attention? Then please see if these requirements will keep your interest:

Job requirements

We pick character over skills

Convince us that you score 7 out of 7. You are:

1. Ambitious, energetic and positive: you dig a dynamic environment

2. A true problem dissolver, not a solver: fix symptoms and resolve root cause

3. Analytical and a clever process integrator

4. Smart in picking your battles and showing flexibility towards customers

5. Responsive to change. No, let’s rephrase that: you thrive on change!

6. Able to recognize commercial opportunities

7. Eager to learn and very pro-active in sharing knowledge to help others forward

OK let’s face it, you need to have some skills to make the mission possible 

How many of these boxes can you check for this job?

1. You’ve spent the last 5+ years in consulting and/or technical account management within a high-growth technology environment

2. You’ve proven that you can successfully manage Professional Services Operations for cloud IT products.

3. You live and breathe upsell and cross selling to drive additional revenue through existing customers

4. You understand the basics of Microsoft technology (Office365, Microsoft Teams, Azure and Window Server infrastructure)

5. You’re known for your distinct explanations of technological and business concepts.

6. You can show us exceptional communication, presentation and interpersonal skills

7. Balancing between multiple internal and external stakeholders is your second nature

This is us:

Did we already mention that Anywhere365 is a successful, rapidly expanding international scale-up? Well, we are. And so, we have a headquarter office that will give you goose bumps. As we should. But since remote working is the current standard, and we hate cheap stuff that doesn’t go the extra mile, we provide any great hardware and software that you need to connect with customers, partners and co-workers.

Anywhere365 is highly ambitious, which reflects in our tech stack and architecture as well as our culture and people’s DNA. Together we build strong connections and achieve great results. We love to celebrate our successes and look forward to celebrate yours soon!

Now, the million-dollar question:
No, you’re not going to make millions a year. Yet. But working within Anywhere365 will substantially add value to your work experience (and your chance to become a millionaire once). We do pay well. Not just your monthly wage, but also pension insurance, reimbursement of work-related costs, high end equipment and enough holidays to balance your job with your private life. Last but not least, you'll work with down-to-earth, smart, driven, engaged and ambitious co-worker that practically always go the extra mile.

So....are you ready to become our next Tech Time Traveler? We'd love to meet you soon!

Agencies are requested not to respond to this vacancy!